Android Q Leaked Build

Android Q Leaked :

Ever since the launch of Android Pie, the latest operating system in march, Android users have been wanting to get to know about the next coolest version which is rumoured to have some pretty cool features.

For the first time, we have got glimpse of Android Q, dubbed to be this next version,thanks to XDA developers, who got hold of initial build on the Pixel 3L. Though it is not going to be same as the software being used in Android Q Developer Preview Program(which is predicted to be during march ), it gives us a great idea what Big G (Google) is working on secretly as part of Android Q.

Let’s see what makes Android Q different.

Android Q


Yup, Android is finally getting a full system- wide dark makeover. Earlier Youtube (owned by Google) and few other apps did get this dark theme, but they are only specific to that application. Now, with this we have a complete dark theme all over the device. It can be enabled in Display Settings, by clicking on “Set Dark Mode”.So, we will have to wait and see how other apps look and behave with this setting on.

Dark theme is one of the highly requested feature as it can save battery life and reduce strain on your eyes.

Privacy Upgrade

We are witnessing increasing debates around data privacy and Google is making all it can to protect it’s users against these infiltrations.

Permissions in Android seems to be revamped heavily based on what we see. With this new feature, we can restrict apps to use permissions like location, microphone, contacts etc., only when those apps are in use thereby having better control of our data.

Desktop Mode

We have an interesting feature here in developer options, which goes by the name “force desktop mode”. This is an experimental feature similar to what you can find in EMUI and Samsung DeX. Although not much is known about it yet, it is good to have this one in Android.

Accessibility settings and Developer options also seem to have got new functionalities. For detailed information on these and for testing photos, head over to XDA Developers .

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