Best Apps Like Tinder in 2019

Tinder has become kind of a synonym for dating. Tinder is popular all across the globe. But do you know that there are similar apps like tinder which might be better and more suitable to you. Yes, Tinder is not the only dating site out there. If you are trying to find love in your life or just want to have a casual friendship, there are many Tinder alternatives .

Most of the following Websites are available for both Android and IOS and also offer Free and Premium Features unless specified otherwise. Read this guide to find out the 11 best apps like tinder.

Apps like tinder

OkCupid Dating

OkCupid focuses less on profile photo compared to tinder and more on matchmaking based on interests, passions, likes and dislikes. OkCupid believes that we are more than just a photo and we agree. Though it offers free service ,if you really want to have an edge, one has to opt for a paid version.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This San Francisco based dating and social networking website introduced a unique concept called a “Bagel”. Every day at noon, men will receive up to 21 matches or “Bagels”. They have the option to either like or pass. Coffee Meets Bagel algorithm curates all these matches and offer women only those matches from Men who expressed interested in them. Thus, making it more women friendly and no wonder they boast highest number of female users.

Since they offer potential matchups only once in a day, you don’t have to waste all day searching for new matches as on tinder.


Another interesting approach can be seen with Happn. Sometimes, we believe that there might be some divine reason we have come across someone. And Happn literally translates that very idea. It uses social media profile details and location to make matches with people nearby. If you happen to cross path with some other Happn user, their profile will be displayed on your timeline.

Happn also tracks each time when some other person cross path including the number of times.

You have the option to like or dislike them when you come nearby. And just like on tinder, if the person also likes you, you get connected for a conversation. Similar to Superlike, Happn has “Crush” feature which lets the other person know that you like them. It’s definitely something to try as it can potentially remove lot of barriers such as language, cultural, regional and can lead to more serious real life relationships.


Hinge delves deep into nitty-gritty details compared to any other dating app. Unlike tinder, it gives us the option to like or ignore each element of a user’s profile for example, One might like other person’s hobbies but not their religious opinions. It sets the expectations straight upfront about what to expect from other person and what others like and don’t like about you.  So, it kind of takes a realistic approach to relationships and dating.


If you are a woman and you haven’t heard about Bumble, you’re missing out a lot. Bumble takes women-first approach to dating. Men are not allowed to initiate a conversation. As a man, you only have the ability to like someone and hope they like back and send you a message. The idea is to block perverts who may send obscene and vulgar messages and take things forward only in a pleasant and professional way.

If you think about it, it is good deal for men too as it takes out the guessing work of “should I start the conversation or I should wait for her to make a move” and just sit back and relax. Because women know men can’t and only, they can send a message first. So, for a man, if you receive a message, it means she is really interested in you.


Grindr is a dedicated social networking and dating site for gay, transsexual, bisexual. Just imagine that most of the people fall under straight, which is a majority category in normal dating apps and we still see how difficult it is to find a partner. Then probably we can understand the plight of people belonging to LGBTQ+ communities who are small in number these days. It takes out guesswork and embarrassment and strives to help you find like-minded people


Zoe is to women what Grindr is to men. It is a dating platform focused on lesbians, bisexual and queer women globally. A personality test is to be taken which becomes the basis for finding best matches. Unlike a simple match or no -match used in other dating apps, Zoe uses a percentage score to determine the common interests, passions, likes, and dislikes with the other member. Hence, this Percentage becomes a good indicator to determine if you want to take things forward or not.


A dating platform exclusively for millionaires. How about that? Normal people do not have any hope to get access to Luxy as every account is processed only after they get verified as a millionaire. The idea does makes sense that a millionaire wants to date someone who is at his level of wealth and stature. This obvious Paid only app provides 24/7 customer support and strict anti-scam features. Understandable considering that there are millions of dollars and reputation at stake. A millionaire most probably desires for greater privacy and Luxy understands it well. It offers them the ability to stay invisible and show their profile only to those people who he likes.

All we can say is Luxy, a millionaire dating site is one of a kind.


EliteSIngles is a mature dating app centered around professionals across the world. Its algorithm matches less so based on interests, hobbies and other usual features and more so based on academic skill and professional background. Due to this, over 80% of their users possess a University Degree. Usual Dating apps such as Tinder can be tiresome because most of the matches don’t turn out to be marriages or at least long relationships due to the disparity in the professional value level of both parties. That’s where EliteSingles scores!

The only disappointing thing about this is its availability. It is only available in major English speaking countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia , New Zealand, Ireland.


If you want to weed out all silly relationships that do nothing but waste your precious time and only looking for serious stuff, Raya is for you.

Unlike other sites mentioned above, Raya is monthly paid private membership site which focuses on new connections/networking, friendships and relationships. Entry is not easy as every account goes through a thorough inspection which is why a few celebrities are known to be on Raya than on apps like Tinder.

JUAMO Flirt chat & Dating:

This no non-sense dating app is opposite to Raya in few ways. First, it is primarily a free app unlike Raya. Second, there are very few restrictions to enter into this Dating platform.

Since it’s free, there is a huge user base, so the probability of finding your “Special one” is high but the downside is you also have to consistently encounter fake profiles. Similar to Tinder, it has a super like feature. Though most of the features are free, you can get couple more features with an in-app purchase.

We hope you found out about new sites for dating and relationship. Though Tinder is good and widely popular, it is not the only website/app which can help you find your “love”. If you like any of these alternatives to tinder, we suggest you check out their reviews on the App Store and Play Store. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, this will help them too. 🙂

Have we missed any other great dating app? Let us know in the comments.

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