Best Free file sharing sites in 2019

We are frequently met with the need to share files to a friend, colleague or someone in general. Be it a funny cat video or an important business file to share with a co-worker, you cannot overlook the importance of file sharing sites.

Unfortunately, sharing files through Emails or WhatsApp only works with small sized files. This makes it a huge limitation whenever we need to send a file. Fortunately, there are dedicated free file sharing sites which allow transfer of larger files. Most of these sites even allow you to create an account and store your files and documents thereby acting as an online storage folder.

All you need to do to share a file is send him/her the link to view or download.

Here are some of the best free file sharing sites in 2019

Caution: Always be careful when uploading/sharing. Only use secure sites mentioned below in the top 10 which are from big reputed organizations.

File sharing

Google Drive

In this day, you will hardly find a person who doesn’t have a Google account. If you are one of those, don’t worry, it’s free to create an account.

Drive from Google is one of the best and trusted free file sharing sites and  a cloud storage platform  which makes it really easy to share the files to anyone. It supports all kinds of files such as Videos, Images, Documents, spreadsheets etc. By default, every account is given 15 GB storage space for free. If you run out of space, for a nominal price, you can upgrade your storage account. Because it is hosted on cloud, accessibility is not a problem. From anywhere across the world you can access it, all you need is an internet connection and login email and password

Access to files can be given to others by mentioning recipient’ s email address in the invite box. Multiple level of access like read only, edit, modify permissions can be given to the files.

Drive comes as part of Google’s robust app suite. Simple User Interface, synchronization and availability of Mobile App as well as a website makes it a top favorite.


DropBox is another popular file storage and dedicated storage and sharing site which can be termed as the competitor of Drive. You can host or store a file in Dropbox account and send its link to your desired receiver. It is not necessary to have a Dropbox account to access, view or download from the link. Syncs across all devices so you can also work simultaneously.

For Editing or uploading a file, it is required to have a Dropbox account, similar to how Google Drive works. Dropbox allows integration with more than 10000 third-party apps. However, the downside in comparison to Google Drive it’s low storage space of 2GB for a free user.

FireFox Send

FireFox Send: Famous browser Mozilla Firefox launched a free file sharing website which lets you upload and transfer large files of upto 1 GB over a safe and secure connection with a private and encrypted link. All links created with FireFox send automatically expire after 24 hours or 1 download.  After this, the uploaded files will get deleted from the server.

If you want to share something privately to only one person and do not want this to get exposed to others at all in any case, this is your best bet.


MediaFire lets you freely share files with features like unlimited download support and zero waiting time. With 10GB storage you can store large number of files and can share files when needed through a link, email or social network. Just like other websites, it also offers features like edit, copy, rename and permission settings. File sharing cannot get any simpler than MediaFire. Android and IOS apps are also available.


iCloud can be termed as a Google Drive equivalent to Apple account holders. If you have an Apple account, It is available across devices like iPad, MAC, iPhone, PC and also can be accessible from any of these devices. Highly secure making it a favorite among Apple users.


Microsoft has its own storage facility for its users with OneDrive. It comes as a part of MS Windows suite along with the usual suspects like MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word. It lets you work and collaborate with friends and employees with sync functionality. Accessible and supported in all kinds of devices. Microsoft offers more Privacy and security as part of its business oriented approach making it ideal to share files with colleagues and co-workers working in an organization.


Box is a business centric file sharing platform similar to DropBox. While DropBox is centered more towards regular consumers, Box is focused towards businesses and IT companies. Box allows you to invite teammates and collaborate to discuss and edit files together similar to a version control system. There are lot of control settings related to privacy and security which gives you many options to decide based on different scenarios.

Free account provides you 10GB storage limit with 250MB upload size limit. For unlimited storage, you can upgrade to a business plan starting at $15 a month.

Amazon Drive

Amazon has a widely popular cloud storage platform called AWS(Amazon Web Services) used by many enterprise level businesses worldwide. For consumers, it has launched Amazon Drive, a cloud file hosting site where you can upload multimedia like photos, videos and other files.

Most people think that Amazon prime is only for free and quick Amazon delivery or for streaming movies and tv series. But the great thing is Amazon Prime account also enables unlimited photo storage and 5GB video storage size. Woohoo! Amazon is known for its loyalty towards their customers and this cloud storage only confirms it again.


Zippyshare allows you to share any files be it photos, audio, video, documents without the need of creating an account.

Maximum file size is 500 MB.  If you have video with size larger than 500 MB, then one simple trick is split the video into parts of 500 MB and transfer all of them.

Click the “Browse” button and upload the files. Upon completion, it will generate a unique link for that file which you can copy and share it via email, chat or simply paste any place you desire.

No download and upload limits which makes it ideal to share it to a large number of people.

User interface is not as good looking as other sites,  but its pros far outweigh its cons.


4shared is one of the oldest file sharing sites which allows you to share all kinds of files from one to another. You can also search for publicly available files similar to a search engine and download the ones that are interesting (Caution: It is best to avoid downloading content that you have no idea about. Your computer can fall prey to viruses, trojans).

Advanced folder and file sharing feature allows you to invite multiple people to view, edit, modify. This works in similar to a whatsapp group invite.

Bonus- File sharing sites Alternatives:


 No-Nonsense file sharing site allowing to share files with maximum file size of 5GB limit. It has a unique feature to embed uploaded files on websites.


 Files2U is a web service which lets you transfer files via FTP. You need to enter your name and email address along with receiver’s email address. It has an additional ability of securing the uploaded file by a secret pin number similar to that of a password. So that only those people to whom you have shared your pin can access the file.


PlusTransfer has a simple interface with the ability to send files of size up to 5GB for free. No installation or registration is required for file transfer. Click on the plus and upload the file and enter the receiver’s email address.


These are the best sites to share files for free on the internet in 2019. We hope you found important and useful information. In this digital age, people use these sites not just for file transfer but also to free up space from their devices and store them online securely.  This enables them to access these files from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

Have we missed any of your favorite file sharing website, Let us know in the comments.

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