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Truecaller was perhaps the first and foremost caller ID service. It introduced the concept of crowdsourced universal caller ID service. In addition to letting you look for the content information of the unknown numbers, it also helps you block the spam callers or even block SMSs.

However, there are a few reasons you would want to stay away from Truecaller and go with some other similar service. If you are looking for the best Truecaller alternatives, here we are to assist you in your task. We will list out the best Truecaller alternatives here for your benefit.

Best Truecaller Alternatives in 2019

Truecaller is an excellent service, no matter whether you have opted for the premium subscription or not. But, over the years, the service or the app to be precise has become one of the resource-heavy application. In fact, it has been one of the major contributors to the heavy batter drainage. Moreover, it collects too much data and as such can be a privacy concern as well.

Truecaller alternative

If you are worried as a result of similar reasons and looking for the Truecaller alternatives that provide equally capable services, here are our inputs for the best options you can give a try.


Working on the same principle as Truecaller, the service lets you find the information about details of the unknown caller or message sender. It should be one of the best Truecaller alternatives you can lay your hands on.

The app has over 65 million users already and has access to over one billion numbers in its database. What makes it one of the prominent options is it lets you find the caller details even when you are not connected to the internet. In addition to detecting the unknown callers, the app also lets you block the spam calls, block any specific number or even find the unknown number through search.


Hiya is an app that was previously referred to as Whitepages Caller ID. It stores multiple contact details of over a million numbers in its database. It can be used to block the spam calls or SMS numbers in addition to detecting the unknown callers.

It offers you the similar features as on Truecaller and lets you detect the unknown numbers, lets you search for the unknown number details and block spam calls. The app is completely free and does not serve any ads. While most other apps either serve ads or work with a premium functionality, Hiya does not resort to either of these. That should make it a better option than Truecaller.

Should I Answer?

This is perhaps one of the best options and perhaps better than Truecaller. It is a community based service in the same way as Truecaller. It has a crowdsourced database that lets you get complete information on the unknown numbers almost immediately.

If the community database has a particular number marked as a spam, the app will inform you that the number is a nuisance. You can take a call on whether you want to block the number or not. It protects you against the unsolicited calls and messages. You can even configure the level of privacy by configuring it to directly block the call. You can even create your own list of blocked numbers, and the app will block the calls from these numbers.


Yet another excellent alternative to Truecaller, the Showcaller app is an excellent option to find information on the unknown numbers. The app is just 4 MB in size, and that makes it an excellent option from your resources point of view. The app is also battery friendly and does not consume much battery either.

The app even shows the photos in addition to the caller information. The functionality of detecting the caller information is indeed completely trustworthy. The offline database makes the app perfect for use without internet connectivity. One of the most accurate and easy to use caller identification tool, it lets you bloc the calls right away. Powered by a database served by a billion users, the app has a million of happy, active users. A faster t9 search option is yet another added advantage to make it a great choice for your caller identification functionality.


Trusted by over 50 million users, the app lets you detect the unknown callers and SMSs while letting you block the specific callers easily. In fact, the app also comes with a call recorder feature making it an exceptional choice along with spam blocking.

The app lets you perform a reverse phone lookup and lets you see who called along with their Facebook ID if available. The automatic call recording is an added advantage making it a great application by every standard. You can even use the app to streamline and manage your address book by including the important numbers to your contact list from within the app. The app also offers you an Incognito mode wherein you can make calls, and these calls will not be recorded in your call log. However, the app has been observed to consume more battery just like Truecaller and can be a concern in some cases. Perhaps the call recording feature is one of the reasons that may be causing battery usage.

The Concluding Thoughts

Truecaller is indeed a trendsetter when it comes to detecting the unknown numbers. Of course, the repeated persistence to opt for the paid functionality can be one of the serious concerns. That is precisely what makes us look for other alternatives to Truecaller.

We assume the list of Truecaller alternatives as outlined in this compilation should meet most of the needs you may have. Most of the apps listed in this list are available both on Android and iOS. All the apps listed here meet all the features you have been used to on Truecaller are available on these apps as well. Do have a look at the above apps and share your thoughts and experiences with them through the comments section here below.

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