How to Know if Your Email is Hacked?

With everything moving online, online security has never been more important. Recently during the past week, news broke out that 772 million email addresses were hacked in what is considered to be one of the largest security breaches.Keeping all these in mind, Whether it’s buying any item from any ecommerce website, booking something online or a simple subscription to a website newsletter, One has to be careful everytime you give out your information using internet. Not just credit cards and bank accounts, even a simple email address hacked can give you sleepless nights. Security Experts regard Email as a single place where storage of all your important information happens. Do not forget, in most cases email address is used as a way to reset passwords. So, you can imagine what one can do if someone got access to your email account. They can easily choose “forgot password” option in registered websites and then reset your password.

So, here are the 3 best ways to check if your email is hacked

1. Have I been pwned

Have I been pwned” is a website which maintains records of millions of compromised email accounts as part of security breaches in their secure storage. Troy Hunt, owner of the website is a Microsoft Regional Director and an international speaker on cybersecurity and won several awards. You can find out easily if your email is on the list by entering your email id in the box and click on “pwned?”.

From “Notify Me” section, You can also get alerts to your email whenever a security breach happens and in case if your email is on the list for free.

2. IP address not matching

Most of the major email account providers display the recent login details which shows you the IP address history used to login into the application.

As you can see from the below image, in the bottom right
you can see your last login time and to check IP address click on “Details”.

check if email is hacked by looking at gmail last login details
check if email is hacked
IP address log history in Gmail
IP address log history in Gmail

It shows the recent IP address log as mentioned above and if you think you have used an unknown device of someone else or in some internet cafe, it is better to click on “sign out all other Gmail web sessions”. What this does if it accidentally saved your login in another device, it will force it to sign out or log off. Although the images are from Gmail, there will be a similar setting in other email providers also.

3. Checking inbox and sent folder

If you are using public shared wifi there are better chances that everyone might be using the same IP which makes it difficult to evaluate our point 2. We suggest it’s better to check if you have any suspicious emails in your inbox folder and sent folder.

We hope we provided useful security information on how to know if your email is hacked. For more tips and information, Follow our website Andromedo.

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