How to Remove Password from PDF File

If you are wondering “How to remove password from PDF ?” then you have come to the right place. We all have faced this issue with password protected PDF files and Documents. Luckily, we have the solution for you. While the idea of securing important and confidential documents is great, sometimes it is necessary for us that we want to remove password from a password protected pdf file. So, first let me tell you my story.

Once I had to submit/upload my e-Aadhar to an online website for some kind of verification. But the problem was that it cannot be opened without the correct password and there is no way to mention the password. So, I had to find a way to bypass the password protection. That’s when I found out an easy way to achieve this. You do not need a paid tool for this. We can consider this method as a “Free Pdf Password Remover”. So, without further ado, Here’s what I did and what can work for you too.

1. Smart and Best way to remove password from PDF

If you are using Mobile Phone, follow below steps to find out how to remove password from pdf using Adobe Reader

1. Open Password protected PDF:

Open the PDF document which needs to be password-free in your mobile phone. Use your default PDF document reader or to be sure use Adobe PDF Reader( It is free and trusted). Enter the correct password and access the document.

2. Check if password is asked:

Normally, what we observe is when we close the PDF file with password protection and try to open it again, we have to enter the password again. This can be really frustrating when you just don’t want it to have a password.

3. Remove PDF password for free:

So, what we do is Open the Password file and enter the correct password just as in Point 1, but here Adobe Pdf reader (or most document readers) gives you an option to Print, you can find this option in top-right usually or just look around, surely you will find the “Print” option.

4. Print and save as PDF:

Tap on “Print” and you will find “Save as PDF” in the print options. Choose “Save as PDF” and save it with your new desired name.

5. Test if password removal worked:

Open this newly saved PDF from your documents and you will find Password Popup is removed. Voila!

Note : This process works in both Android and iPhone Mobile phones

If you are using Desktop or Laptop, follow below steps to remove password from PDF using Google Chrome

  1. Just Drag the Password protected PDF document to Google Chrome (or any browser for that matter) or alternatively you can normally just double click the document to open it.
    INFO: This also works with Adobe or any PDF document reader
  2. Click On “Print”, which you can find on the top right and choose “Save as PDF” or “ Save to Google Drive”(if you are using Google Chrome) and give it a new name
  3. Try opening this new document and you will see that the document is opening with no password prompt being shown this time. Voila!
Google chrome password prompt removal
Google chrome password prompt
Select print and chose destination as save as PDF
Print and save as PDF

Note : Using this method we can easily remove password from PDF in MAC or PC.

 2. Official Method using Adobe Acrobat PRO version:

                Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid version and is different from Adobe Reader. You can think of it as an upgrade version.

Here all security and printing restrictions can be disabled to do our work and save the pdf without password.

  1. Open the PDF document from which you want to delete the password and enter the password for the first time only.
  2. Click “Lock” icon at the left side pane and click on “permission details” under security settings.
  3. For security method choose “No security”. You might have observed it to have “Password security”. We are changing to no security so that the password is not asked for every time you view it.
  4. Now you have to save this file document by going to File at the top horizontal menu and selecting save. Click on “Yes” if it asks “DO you want to save changes?”
  5. That’s it. To test it, open your PDF file again, you will see that providing password is no longer required.

Using these above methods, anyone can remove their password protection from their Bank statements, Passports, Aadhaar ID, Government Identity cards PDF files for free without requiring to spend money on a paid tool.

We hope you found out an easy way to remove password from your troublesome PDF file. Now you can share this with your friends or family and impress them.

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