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If you are someone who is into graphic designing and checking out the options for an enhanced experience in creating avatars, you should be aware of the tool that was called Tektek. Well, we referred to it as WAS, and that has a reason. Tektek was one of the best options that helped you create wonderful avatars. That has changed now with the demise of Tektek and designers across the world have been looking for the best Tektek alternatives. 

If you are one of them, we have an excellent choice of the best options for your needs. Check them out and share your thoughts with us. 

Why was Tektek a great tool? 

Tektek was one of the wonderful and excellent doll maker tools online. An easy to use interface and a simple set of features was what made it one of the formidable choices for almost every need you may have had. In essence, it was the perfect tool for all of you who have been in the cartoon and animation industry. 


Also referred to as Gaia Dream Avatar maker, the site was recently shut down. But, what made it shut down all so sudden? Well, the reason was simple – it was facing the copyright issues and that ultimately made it shut down. 

Best Tektek alternatives in 2020

Now that Tektek is shut down, people in the doll making and animation industry have been looking for the best Tektek alternatives. If you are wondering if there are good replacements for Tektek, we would definitely answer in the affirmative. 

While Tektek isn’t there any longer, we do have a good number of Tektek alternatives that work out to be quite effective and efficient. Let us explore a few great options that can prove to be quite efficient and effective. 


It can definitely be the best and perfect alternatives to Tektek. One of the advanced tools, it would make it a great choice for avatar creation. In fact, what makes it a great choice is the fact that it does not need you to have high-end drawing skills. 

It provides you access to a wonderful set of tools and sections and helps you work seamlessly with any of your creative tasks. The service provides you access to the best creation of Superhero characters. 

Doll Divine

Doll Divine is yet another powerful Tektek alternative that lets you come up with any of your favourite illustrations with ease. The high degree of customisation options offered by the platform should further make it a perfect choice by almost every count. 

The cultural clothing and fantasy costume options offered by the platform should be what would make it one of the perfect options ever. So, are you into creating those dolls with those wonderful costumes? Doll Divine should be one of the excellent options ever. 

Gaia Avatar Maker

The site is known more for its game and fun content, but you can also use it for the purposes such as creating your avatars and cartoon characters. The tool offers you an enhanced experience in terms of high degree of customisation. 

The service clearly mentions that “ “Every member can create their own virtual character and dress it up with over five thousand items: clothes, accessories, pets, masks and just about anything else imaginable.” And in itself should stand proof of what the service can do. 

It may be worthwhile here to mention here that it was Gaia Avatar Maker that made Tektek shut down. It was this site that sued Tektek for copyright violations. 


This has been considered to be one of the perfect alternatives to Tektek and provides you access to a great deal of customisation options. Create anything from your imagination and give it a form right away with Neopets. 

Do note that you would need to create an account for using the services on the service. The steps involved in creating your avatars and cartoons is quite simple and easy enough. Once you create your account, you would be able to access almost every aspect and resource on the site. It has been held in high esteem by avatar makers and found to be one of the best dream avatar makers. 

Recolor Me 

Recolor Me has been considered to be an excellent avatar creator option and a perfect option for the Tektek alternatives. It comes with a host of customisation options and lets you create different varieties of illustrations with ease. 

What we found quite interesting and excellent with the tool is that it lets you make use of the services without the need for registering yourself on the site. However, creating an account can let you make use of all the features and resources offered by the platform. The app comes from the same group of people who created Tektek, and that should make it a perfect choice. 

Doppel Me 

If you are fond of creating graphical illustrations and create your own avatars, Doppel me is one of the perfect options ever. Doppel Me loves calling itself The free Dynamic Avatar Maker. In fact, it should be your best bet for creating your own avatars in instant messengers, forums, blogs and wherever you want to. 

If you are into caricaturing and do not have the expertise in creating the right caricatures, Doppel Me can be something you can definitely trust. The tool is entirely free, yet extremely useful. The ease of use is what would make it one of the most preferred avatar maker tools ever. That would indeed make it a perfect Tektek alternative you can rely upon. 

The Closing Thoughts 

Well, Tektek was a perfect tool for creating wonderful and efficient avatars. Today it has shut down, but that should not stop you from experimenting and sharing your self-created avatars and cartoon characters across multiple avenues. 

We assume the list of the best Tektek alternatives outlined here should help you continue with your favorite task of creating world-class cartoons and avatars. Check them out and share your thoughts with us. Do let us know which among them did suit your needs. 

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