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If you are a student and have been serious about the homework and assignments, you might have heard about Textsheet. It has been one of the favourite educational websites for the students to help them in solving the assignments and homework. However, the site has now shut down and cannot be used for those purposes. 

Textsheet has shut down, and the prime reasons that the site has shut down are because of the DMCA notice served against it. That is what has made students look for the alternatives for Textsheet. No matter whether it is for the career enhancement or academic arena, sites like Textsheet can indeed be one of the excellent options you would look ahead to. 

We will check out a few best options for the Textsheet alternatives. But before that, we will check out what is Textsheet and why did it shut down. 

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet has been one of the most popular websites that assists the students in finding answers to your queries. In fact, the site did grow to a considerable extent in the shortest span of time. In fact, the service was provided for free and offered to the students with the help of an API. 

The service offered the students with an opportunity and option to solve their assignments and homework with ease. That is precisely what made it one of the popular services for the purpose. 

Why was Textsheet taken down?

Well, Textsheet came under scanner because of the copyright violations. In its zeal and growing popularity, the site began stealing content from other websites without assigning any copyright agreements. 

Textsheet alternatives

The site received frequent DMCA complaints directed against it. This was the deathblow, and finally, the services of the site were shut down.

Best sites like Textsheet

Having understood the reasons for the shutting down of the website and what it was directed to resolve, we can now move ahead to find the best Textsheet alternatives. The list of the best sites like Textsheet here have been compiled after duly checking the relevancy and usability. 


Chegg is the site that sent Textsheet packing. It was the same site that Textsheet used to copy its content from. The site sent DMCA notices to Textsheet, and ultimately, the site was made to shut itself down. 

Chegg has been one of the excellent services and has been able to help students to find the answers step by step to their assignments and homework. The site can also help you prepare for university examinations. The service also provides you with access to buying textbooks or even rent them. That would further make it one of the excellent options. 


People looking for the best sites like Textsheet have finally settled down with one website, and Slader is the perfect option for most of the students. Even when Textsheet was up and running, Slader had been one of the prime solutions for the students to find answers to questions. The service is one of the most prevalent Textsheet alternatives in the US and has been a favourite app for the millions of users. 

Slader packs in a huge database that covers topics in multiple subjects such as math, high school math, science, social sciences, literature and English, foreign languages and much more. The user-friendly interface and the ease of finding your answers should make it one of the prominent Textsheet alternatives. 


CourseHero is one of the prominent options among the best sites like Textsheet and has been known to have a huge number of options with respect to the study materials. CourseHero does provide you access to more than  30 million course specific content. The study material cosnsits of a wide range of options that include guides, videos, class notes, and several other literature options. 

The service does provide you access to a huge list of options that would include economics, literature, accounting, psychology, and history to name just a few. The service also provides you access to a 24 x 7 Homework assistance. You can be assured of a personalised assistance for all your needs in getting the best quality education ever. The study material on the platform is contributed by the community of educators and students. 


PaperHelp is not seriously a site that comes under the category of the sites like Textsheet. But, even then it can be one of the good options for the students. It is a custom writing services provider and offers you access to a wide range of essay writing services. No matter whether you are in a high school, college, university and even Ph.D , PaperHelp should be one of the prime solutions you can opt for. 

The service does provide you access to a 24 x 7 customer services support. Of course, it is a paid service, and you need to get access to a quote before you can get any writing service. They do also provide you access to a moneyback guarantee. If you are not happy with the service provided, you can ask for a refund. 


SparkNotes is yet another huge service provider and a valuable addition to the sites like Textsheet. It offers you the most insightful and helpful guides and notes in varied subjects. The service does provide you access to a wide range of options in varied subjects that include English literature, history, math, biology, science, and a host of other subjects. 

The guides apart, the service also offers you access to textbooks and other content for different competitive examinations. A few examinations that SparkNotes can provide the best assistance would include SAT, ACT, AP Subject Tests, and GRE. The site is available as an app on Android and iOS as well. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

Well, Textsheet had been one of the excellent options for almost all your requirements. However, since the service has shut down, it would be worthwhile to check out a few excellent sites like Textsheet. We would assume that the list of the best Textsheet alternatives listed here should ideally meet almost all your requirements and help you find the right answers to all your queries. 

Check out the best services and find the best educational assistance ever. 

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